We are MIKMAK Media, an internationally operating music production company based in the Netherlands. At MIKMAK Media we are utterly and completely obsessed with music and sound. We love creating music, inventing new sounds, polishing the mix and combining everything to deliver a strong message. Our goal is to provide you with something that fits your product and serves as an extension of your vision. We believe that our services, in combination with your imagery, can evoke the most primal of emotions and lead people into new directions. When working on something new, we always keep in mind that taking a different and unique approach will lead to a final product that will be remembered.

From our headquarters in Amsterdam we provide sound and music for advertisement, film, documentary, podcast, animation and other media. Working in a small team gives us the opportunity to work fast and effective so you have less to worry about.


Melvin Rijlaarsdam is a composer & music producer who loves to hear the human aspect in music productions. He started out by playing drums and guitar but soon added electronic music to his toolset. Combining organic instruments and sounds with electronic synthesizers and layered drum beats is his passion. At the Utrecht School of Arts, he specialized in mixing and mastering in addition to applied composition. At MIKMAK Media he brings his acoustic production background to the table in combination with his love for electronic music.

Max van Ulsen is a music producer, media composer and sound designer with his main focus on electronic music. At an early age he got in contact with modern electronic music. Here he developed a passion for sound and composition. As a student of Music & Technology he got in contact with composition for the media and further developed his composition and production skills. At MIKMAK Media he combines the two and is always searching for new ways to tell a story through music and sound.