Electric Zoo Festival

Promo music plays an important role in exciting people for up and coming events. Promotional videos or teasers are usually short and create brand & product awareness. Music festivals like Electric Zoo aim to provide a unique experience every year and thus the music has to follow that principle.

Each festival attracts a certain type of visitors just like every brand connects with it’s own customer base. The promo music in this teaser is aimed at young festival visitors, who listen to all kinds of electronic dance music. Therefore we create a fresh and snappy music track that leads up to the Electric Zoo logo reveal.

We used various sync effects in this promo like a staggering drumtrack at the tiger reveal which actually sounds like a tiger’s roar. Various noise effects indicate the glowing light trails flying around and a short static noise burst at the logo animation connects the music to the visuals.

Handclaps and ‘Hey’ shouts connect with the festival theme while the trap hi-hats reference to current music trends. Promo music has to convey a certain emotion and message in a short amount of time. That is what makes promo music a powerful medium to increase brand awareness.

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