A World War 2 Immersive Podcast

Thousands of podcasts are available online and hundreds are added every single day. Podcasts about cooking, sports, business advice, gaming, and many more topics. We, at MikMak Media wanted to give a shot at producing a podcast ourselves. We didn’t want it to be like any other ordinary podcast, however. We wanted something different.


So, we created an immersive sound drama, a film without visuals, an experience that takes you to a place unknown. A hear play that doesn’t rely that much on dialogue, but a story that is told by using sound. Audio is an extremely powerful medium to tell stories. You can imagine how a world looks like by only listening to the sounds around you, just like reading a good book.

This immersive podcast is about a world war 2 paratrooper about to jump right into action. The play is spoken in Dutch and takes you along a 5-minute immersive journey through the French front lines. A lot of time and effort went into researching the technical aspects of creating an immersive podcast like this.

We recorded most of the dialogue in a dry recording studio with an ambisonics microphone. Binaural earplugs are used for recording breaths and voice so it seems like you, as the listener, are part of the action. Most of the sound design was actually panned ‘in the box’ by using binaural panning software.

Take a listen for yourself and remember that immersive podcasts are getting increasingly more attention every day. Sometimes all you want to do is to close your eyes and just listen.

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