Each and every brand has its own style, message, idea, and emotion that it wants to get across to the customer. Advertisement music plays a large role in selling that specific emotion that is tied to your product.

Tesla is a truly innovative company trying to change the future of the automobile industry. Tesla tries to prove the world that electric cars aren’t dull or silly. They are a future company and this idea translates to everything the company does. It’s sleek and modern logo, website and visuals all contribute to the idea and emotion that Tesla is trying to sell.

We all know that music or sound can bring back specific memories. Therefore, advertisement music should sell that same idea or emotion that is tied to the brand.

For this demo we tried to reinforce the futuristic images with a music production that shares the same feel. A fast paced electronic piece with lots of energy. We used instruments that were game changers when they were just released but aren’t exactly new in today’s terms.

Using vintage synthesizers doesn’t mean that it sounds old and over-used. In the contrary, using instruments of the past makes us stand out as music producers in a world where everyone is using the same tools.

DX7 Classic Synthesizer
DX7 Classic Synthesizer

This piece has some 80s references by using gated reverb, retro synthesizer patches and a spacey melody. A sound that isn’t necessarily tied to today world but it is a sound that everyone can relate to as futuristic. A sound that isn’t tied to a certain genre, as genres will fade and be forgotten, it is the emotion and feeling that remains.

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