VW Beetle Commercial

Car commercials nowadays use the power of music to their advantage. They use little to no dialogue and let the imagery speak for itself. A great challenge for a team of composers.

This video is all about Volkswagen’s new Beetle. It shows sterile, technical and futuristic animations and guides you through the birth of a new car. We decided to enhance the visuals with a fitting futuristic sound palette.

All the music for this project is made completely ‘in the box’ (with software instruments). Futuristic, glitchy noises where made with sound generators from Reaktor 6. Everything slowly grooves along untill the ‘birth’ or transformation of the beetle takes place.

Driving basslines with distorted and mangled sound design help to transform the car into it’s new design. Stuttering drumsounds help glue the visual warping with the musical rhythm in a way that blurs the line between music and sound design.

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