MIKMAK Media offers various audio services for all kinds of media. We basically sell nothing more than vibrating air. It is our goal to vibrate those air molecules in such a way that we can deliver a message. A message that will move people.

People don't buy products, they buy emotions.

Music can help you sell those emotions. Whether you are looking for your own sonic identity, a fresh and inspiring tune for your advertisement video, an underscore for your latest film or a background track for your online product launch.

We are not afraid to cross boundaries. In fact, we are always looking to expand our toolset to create genre defying compositions. Blending artistic experimentation with applied composition will set your brand, film, commercial apart from the competition. Sound, including music, is half the battle. A horror movie will be pretty boring without sound.

Music has the power to unite people from all over the world. But with great power comes great responsibility. That’s why we possess the skills to shape music in countless possible shapes.

"The sound and music are 50% of the entertainment in a movie."

George Lucas

Close your eyes for a second. And listen. What do you hear? The cars driving down the lane? The fan inside your computer humming along steadily? Maybe a clock ticking away in the background? The longer you listen the more things you’ll hear. Our goal as Sound Designers is to tell a story with sound.

Sound design can mean many things. The subtle art of Foley is one of them. Everyday sounds like footsteps, pouring a cup of coffee, opening a squeaky door or washing your hands, are reproduced in the studio to enhance the realism and immersion of a movie.

Sound design is all about finding creative solutions for various visual images. What sound does an ant make? What about the engine from an alien spaceship or that new app on your phone? Whether you are looking for sound to accompany your latest animation film, horror movie, commercial or podcast, we’ve got you covered.



We'll fix it in post.

When the picture is locked, the music is made, the sound design is done and the voice-overs are recorded, everything needs to be mixed together in a balanced way. Our audio post-production workflow ensures you will get the highest quality audio without having to think about all those technical details. We make sure that your television show is ready to be aired according to the correct specifications.

We provide various audio services for all kinds of media. Our headquarters in Amsterdam is equipped with a vocal booth perfect for recording voice-overs or podcasts. We will provide you with edited, and optimised audio files ready to be published anywhere.

Nobody likes inintelligible speech due to a problematic recording session. Luckily we can fix it in post! Removing noise from a recording, shaping the sound spectrum, and applying various tools to enhance the message.